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Intervention du CAN lors du SBSTA, Atelier "Adaptation"
date 23 mai 2005
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CAN Input to SBSTA Adaptation Workshop
20 May 2005

CAN welcomes the development of a work programme on this issue, which is of importance to all Parties, although developing countries (in particular LDCs and poor Small Island Developing States) are most at risk to the impacts of climate change and least equipped to adapt.

· CAN believes that the broad objective of this work programme is to optimise and to rationalise our global approach towards adaptation, in order to make it effective and appropiate to existing and future needs.

· The scope of the work programme is to deal with the impacts of, vulnerability and adaptation to climate change, as mentioned in paragraph 23 of decision 1/CP10.

· This workplan needs to identify current gaps and design a large-scale adaptation implementation programme, which outlines clear timeframes, activities and outputs to meet these needs.

· We already know some of these gaps : for example, further vulnerability assessments are needed at appropriate levels, which require further local capacity building, knowledge sharing and technology transfer.

· The broader approach to developing adaptation strategies needs to be based on a participatory and bottom-up approach, including learning-by-doing and the sharing of best practices. The organisations representing civil society have much experience of working with the some of the most vulnerable communities and would be willing to share it.

· In order to insure the continuity of the work programme, we suggest a continuous support structure,that would strengthen addressing the issue internationally.

· CAN calls on all Annex 1 Parties to meet their current adaptation funding commitments and provide predictable, new and additional funding that are sufficient to meet the adaptation challenge.

· CAN calls on all UNFCCC parties to, in a constructive and collaborative manner, finalize the work program with all possible speed given the urgency this matter due to the increasing impacts of climate change. We hope that this work programme will be finalized in time for a conclusive decision by COP 11. CAN asks that Saudi Arabia refrain from tampering with at least this one crucial agenda item.